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Rock balancing

For Agencies & Nannies

Elevated Child Care

Gain Presence, Connection, Freedom


Contemporary nannies are showing different levels and skills of delivering a high standard of service to families, and it can be somewhat a challenge for the agency to build an outstanding reputation. After conducting research based on analytical observation into this issue, and Virginie's, our founder, personal experience, we have created a certification training program. 


Our program will elevate the standards in the field of childcare and care in general. I believe it requires a Presence and a built-in motivation towards ongoing education and self-growth in particular domains, domains like conscious communication, parenting and leadership, to name a few. These domains have a direct impact on the candidate’s presence and actions.


For Agencies & Nannies

Elevated Child Care

Gain Advanced Skills and Presence


What we Offer

We trust the contemporary nanny industry has sufficient room for an innovative and resourceful training program. We offer a high-end professional training like any other for the contemporary nanny. 


Rock balancing


Advanced training is the solution that will deliver highly qualified Nannies that the Agencies will be proud to represent. 



Become an Inspiration for the Children you Care for

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