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 Belly Rejuvenation & Placenta TCM

She Warms


We attend the new mother at her most vulnerable time after birth, while she wholeheartedly focuses on her little miracle. She nourishes, warms, and bonds with her. We offer natural, handcrafted warming and tightening techniques to healing from inside out.

Belly Binding
Herbal Remedies

Belly Rejuvenation Ritual

Warm, Wrap & Bind


Binding the empty belly which was once the nesting home of your baby brings several benefits in the first 6-8 weeks post-birth. If you miss that time window, it is never too late to start on this dynamic belly ritual.


After birth, a mamma loses all the excess water, flatulence, and fat she accumulated during pregnancy to help cushion her growing baby. To help regain her pre-pregnant size, we offer what we call the Belly Rejuvenating Ritual. It takes two steps and lasts from 6 to 8 weeks: 

  1. Daily application of a herbal remedy blend to warm the "empty" and "cold" womb from a view-point in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  2. Followed by the binding of the entire torso down to the hips that align the spine and maintain the belly while supporting the lower back 


This traditional healing technique supports all of the abdominal organs, lower back, and pelvic organs. The constant pressure and internal massages, during the binding hours help to shrink the abdominal wall and cervix area that considerably stretched during pregnancy, as much as 50%. 


The Belly Rejuvenating Ritual is known to help heal the diastasis recti of the abdominal and maintains a perfectly straight posture for affected back and painful tailbone. A few weeks after a cesarean section, the belly binding supports the muscles substantially all around the incision site and helps reduce the pain while being more active.


From a recent trip to Malaysia, Virginie brought back a local herbal blend that warms, rejuvenates, and tightens our mamas skin after birth. This herbal firming is a 100% natural topical remedy and has warming properties. It stimulates the micro-circulation of the derma and aids in releasing the excess water and bloating.



Steam & Smoke

During the course of the 4th trimester, the effects of the penetrating heat of these original techniques on the abdomen, the back and the yoni help with : 

  • uterus contraction for faster shrinking

  • expels the trapped air 

  • tighten the belly skin

  • aids with constipation and digestion

  • break up residual blood clots for better flow and speedy recovery 

  • relax uterus cramps and genital tightness or trauma

  • break down pregnancy body swell and fat 

  • stimulate overall lymph and blood microcirculation




It is an external heat therapy, commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is applied to the site of pain or on an acupuncture point. Moxibustion works wonder to dissipate accumulated energy around small areas around the belly, hips and lower back during postpartum pain.



Hot Stone Abdominal Massage 

Complements the moxibustion by addressing larger areas of the body that have immensely tensed up during childbirth.  It brings a deep sense of general relaxation while energizing the body as a whole.



The Yoni V-steam 

The vaginal steam combines healing herbs in dry or wet steam. With the combination of chosen herbs, it works to tone, nourish, revive the micro blood circulation in the perineum, accelerate the healing process of the swollen vaginal tissue.




Placenta Encapsulation 

The Art of Mother Postpartum Care


Placentaphogia is the process of a mother consuming raw, steamed, cooked, or dried her own endocrine organ, the placenta. Our placenta preparation will suit whether you are Vegan, Paleo, or Raw foodists.


The edible essence of your baby and own Prana  -

What is?



Herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine are rich in methods that bring healing comforts for the mother after birth. We apply warming techniques with organic postpartum herbal blends, salts, steam, and hospital-grade Moxibustion to encourage the mother's "empty" womb heals itself. 





Each woman is different. However, placentophagia shows to assist mothers with :

  • Baby Blues & PPD

  • Fatigue due to hormonal drop/fluctuation after birth

  • Lactation

  • Postnatal bleeding & contraction

  • Uterus healing

  • Pain relief






Placenta encapsulation involves dehydrating, finely grinding the placenta before encapsulating the capsules in a clean jar to then store them in the fridge for longer shelf life.


Placenta prana via the Raw food method yields more iron and keeps most of the vitamins intact rather than in the cooked, steamed or dehydrated ways of preparing the placenta. We can slice a small portion of it and before encapsulating it, into a smoothie or taken sublingually within a few hours after birth.





It is incredible to think that the placenta is the only organ a woman is capable of growing for the sake of creating and sustaining life.


Due to the incapacity for the science to explore the placenta and its complex metabolism, we hold us to a few knowledge about its mechanism, intricate hormonal exchange, and benefits on the mother postpartum.


The placenta postpartum is prolific of :

  • Iron (concentration, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression)

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin C

  • Placental proteins

  • Also, a plethora of placenta hormones such as :

  • Progesterone, Estrogen (mood +  sleep disorders)

  • CRH, Cortisol (depression)

  • Thyroid hormones TRH + T4 (mood disorders + sleep +libido)

  • Oxytocin (pain reliever + lactation)

  • Endorphins

  • Opioids POEF

  • hCG

  • Leutein LH (involved in skin/joint formation)

  • Prolactin + hPL (lactation)


Other Placenta Preparation

Salves & Balms


The placenta salve or balm is used topically, leaving a slight oily residue on the skin. It is perfect for lessening C-section scarring, itching, and other healing discomforts. Reasonably, we can start using them as early as day three postpartum for hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, including diaper rash, eczema, and other skin irritations. Finally, they are safe to use for both mother and baby. 




Placenta Art

After long gone months when baby is no longer an infant and mother has found herself as a new woman and mother, our community has found a way to remember about how her placenta has helped heal her. 

Our cord keepsakes, prints, and photos are a great gift that will trigger fond memories of her postpartum journey. We offer them along with the placenta encapsulation package.


Steam & Smoke
Belly Rejuvenation Ritual
Placenta Encapsulation
Other Placenta Preparations
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