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Mother and child

Our Full Service

Newborn Care

Nourish, Sleep, Grow, Play 


We offer full V.I.P. newborn hands-on care and attend thoughtfully to the nursery. Furthermore, I help create the baby's routine and schedule, and we address colic and reflux issues. Additionally, I establish a progressive sleeping plan and help strategize with multiples​ and babies with medical conditions in comprehensive support the breastfeeding mother.


Our Full Newborn Care Service

I offer full hands-on care for the newborn and tend thoughtfully to the nursery - Guide the baby's routine and schedule - Address with colic and reflux issues - Establish a progressive sleeping plan - And help strategize with babies with medical conditions and multiples​. Furthermore, I fully support the new mother with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding or supplementation.

Cute Baby
Full Newborn Care Service

Our V.I.P. traveling Service

Traveling with young infants and toddlers can be challenging and bring some anxiety and fatigue for new parents or young families, specially in working around jet lag for children's sleep. Wether your travel needs for business or leisure, I have extensive travel abroad. My goal is yours: maintaining schedule and feeding, sleeping and outdoor/indoor play activity routines in check. 

V.I.P. Traveling Service

Play Space Consulting

I create a play space that fosters your child’s independence, self-learning, cooperation, gross and fine motor developments and safety. My initial consultation takes place in your home with an in-depth assessment, follow up with an executive plan of action. Usually, it takes between four to six sessions to complete the make over or the creation of a new space. It is amazing how this approach of designing the space and chosen play objects and activity will transform how you child play learn and behave. I have seen in children, major transformation in behaviors when their play space carried an educative sense of purpose, strategic organization.

Playing baby
Play Space Consulting
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