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Sleeping baby

A Well Rested Family

Sleep Solutions

Our Approach

Sleep is essential for your baby and, more importantly, for you, parents. How can you feel confident, relaxed, present, and patient if you lack sleep yourself? 


You have read books on sleep training, joined mommy groups on social media, scavenged Internet for crumb-advice here and there, and still, your nights are challenged with a crying baby, his naps are all over the place and all remains a mystery.


From 0-3 months old

Stage 1


This is a period of time when newborns are thriving on a cycle of sleep and feeding with a few awake time. This stage 1 is approximative depending on baby's gestational birth and medical conditions. 

We help parents understand their newborn's behaviors and emotions, and support them in creating a healthy sleeping routine and caloric intake as baby thrives into the first three months of age. Some babies with medical conditions and low birth weight require more of our attentive care and we are here to offer our expert and loving support.


From 4-6 months old

Stage 2


What we hear most from passing the three-month mark is that breastfed or bottle-fed young infants may have developed a somewhat great routine and all of a sudden they seem to "regress". And it is panic at home. .Some talk about regression which in fact it is just a normal development phase the baby go through between 3 and 5 months old, the baby goes through some important development stages cognitive, emotional, and physical. it is not surprising that getting more aware of her environment and the impact that she has upon it, that it awaken sensitivity, extra stimulation


You want to drop the middle-of-the-night dream feed, baby doesn't nap more than 40 minutes and refuses to go back to sleep, her routine is all over the place and the evenings always end in cries and exhaustion for both baby and parents. Many reasons can be the cause of such such as, undetected silent reflux, overlooked nursery set up, habits from birth that have created a need for baby to fall asleep propped a certain way, nursing habits and co-sleeping, highly sensitive babies, overstimulation, baby-led daytime routine, lack of scheduled implementation, preemies, and on the list can go on.  she is having a lot of reflux or colics, and you can no longer be objective.


We tailor sleeping solutions for you and your baby individually. It includes a careful in-home assessment, a timed plan of action, and daily check-ins and follow-ups during the seven-day support period.


From 7-9 months old



From 10-12 months old




From 4-6 months oldTestimonials
From 0-3 months old
From 7-9 months old
From 10-12 months old
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