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mothering the family

from belly to crib, with love


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Mothering the Family was founded by French Virginie Levine from the creative vibes of sunny Los Angeles, California.


Virginie is dedicated to support the mother during her postnatal and breastfeeding journey, providing holistic and nurturing newborn care and creating solutions to sleepless infants and parents.

She offers workshops for parents and nannies to discover the magic of caring for newborns holds when we, adults start observing and listening more deeply to our little ones' needs.


What We Offer


Our Journey

How it all began...



... when I first laid hands on my pregnant friend and Reiki client Nicole O., I felt an expanding experience with both the mom and the baby-to-be-born, it clicked in my head and heart. This is it! This is my niche, I said. Later on, I helped her with a UI right postpartum. Through my Reiki healing, I became aware that mothering the mother and her newborn was one of my life purposes and passions. Mothering the Family was born. Since 2006, I grew and defined my personal “touch” caring for moms, newborns with their families.

My background in ballet, opera, art and therapy, moreover meditation and oriental philosophies reflect in my work with attention to detail, focus, and stamina, deep listening, and understanding in compassionate presence for both the mother and the child.

I stretched from years of childcare, energy healing and postpartum doula work to naturally find joy in coaching families and nannies in gaining higher standards, freedom, and comfort in their parenting and care. I specialized from 0 to 3 years old and embraced it. I love - Creating with you the beautiful nursery you wish to prepare for your baby-to-be and the most purposeful play space for your infant and toddler - Mentoring childcare professionals to reach higher standards in parenting and professional care - And coaching parents and grand-parents to learn how to enjoy parenting with less stress, loving care as baby develops through infancy.

I am hoping this brief introduction will resonate with your postpartum plans and parenting goals.


With attentive care,

Virginie, founder

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